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Musharaka [ Cooperation ]  Calligraphy by Khaled Al-Saai


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A website for K-12 educators featuring innovative resource on the culture, geography, history and religions of the Middle East, including essays, classroom activities, downloadable multimedia content and interactive Google Earth tours.


This web site aims to bring a wide variety of resources on Arab culture and civilization to your computer, but there is much more online. This list includes a number of other sites that you may wish to visit. For additional print resources, consult the supplemental bibliography.


These sites provide general information on the history of the Arab World

Specific Periods, People and Places

Sites with a more narrow focus.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Arguably the most important issue in the recent history of the Middle East has been the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Certainly no other single issue provokes such strong feelings across the region. Inevitably all sides in the conflict resort to history in order to help justify their position. Some of the many varied historical perspectives on the issue are represented in the links below.

Islamic History

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