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Nourredine Khourshid et les derviches de Damas-Serve the Pure

From: Harmonia Mundi Records

© Institut du Monde Arabe

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As is the case with many religions, Islamic culture has been ambivalent about the role of music in worship and society. Some Sufi orders, however, believe that chanting or singing is a pathway toward the divine. As Habib Yammine notes in the liner notes to this CD, " Several mystical tales attribute a divine origin to music, recounting that the soul, whose very nature is celestial, refused to take form, but was seduced by the voice of an angel ordered by God to settle inside the body so as to attract it there. (The soul) is now trapped inside the body, but has kept a nostalgia for its origins ever since it was parted from them..." thus the sufis "sing of their separation from the original source and their ardent desire to be reunited with it." The sufi ensemble on this recording include ten munshid, or hymn-singers, from the Shadhiliyya sufi order and three dancers from another order called the Mawlawi order. The ensemble is led and the vocal solos on this track sung by Nourredine Khourshid, the son of a Shadhiliyya sheikh from Damascus, the capital of Syria. Khourshid has studied the maqamat of the

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