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Aïcha Redouane and the Al-Adwar Ensemble

From: Harmonia Mundi Records

© Institut du Monde Arabe

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This song, performed by Aïcha Redouane and the Al-Adwar Ensemble, is and example of the art tradition that A.J. Racy speaks. It is the second track of a Wasla or musical sequence in Maqam Bayyati, or the musical mode known as Bayyati. For a better understanding of these terms see Making Music in the Arab World" and "A Concert of Arabic Music". The lyrics are a poem set to music, but the poet who wrote them is not known. The Arabic title, "Qatili bighanj il-kahal" has been translated as "I am delighted by the flirtatiousness of his black eyes" and, as the title suggest, it speaks of desire and romantic longing.

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