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La Sulâmiyya-"Al-'Adha"

From: Harmonia Mundi Records

© Institut du Monde Arabe

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Sufism tasawwuf, in Arabic is a word that refers to a broad spectrum of Islamic experience, but the one thing that these traditions all have in common is the emphasis on the inner, esoteric experience of God. It is often referred to at the "mystical" tendency of Islam. It is considered by some conservative Muslims as a controversial strand of Islam because Sufi’s follow a tariqa, or path, that these conservative Muslims consider unacceptable badaa or innovation. The use of music in Sufi ritual is one such example. The Sulâmiyya ensemble performs the chants of several prominent Sufi orders, including the Sulâmiyya. This chant is a Sulâmiyya chant in praise of the Prophet Muhammad. The instrumentation involves on the chorus and indigenous North African percussion instruments such at the bendir, tar and nagharat. The choirmaster is Cheikh Abderrahman ben Mahmoud.

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