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Adîb al-Dâyikh and the al-Kindî Ensemble-Let Us Sing to the Rhythms...

From: Harmonia Mundi Records

© Institut du Monde Arabe

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Running time is 1 minutes and 55 seconds

Adîb al-Dâyikh, born in Aleppo in 1938, was one of Syria’s best known singers, famed for the range and register of his voice. On this CD, called "Courtly Love", he performs with the famous Al-Kindi Ensemble, a world famous takht ensemble featuring Muhammad Qâdrî Dallâl on the ’ud ‘ud (Oriental lute), Walid Sûdâ on the nay(flute), Adil Shams al-Dîn on percussion, and Julien Jalâleddin Weiss, who is also the conductor and director of the ensemble, on the qanun(zither). This excerpt comes at the end of a musical suite in the maqam (mode) known as bayyâtî . Indeed, you will here the last line of a previous movement, sung in a slightly different tempo, lead into this selection. It is representative of type of light popular song from Aleppo that is known as the Qadd and, according to the liner notes, is probably a fisherman’s song. In it the singer calls on his companions to join him in song, and asks God to unite them with their loved ones.

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