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Al-Djazaïriya al Mossiliya-Licked by the flames of passion...

From: Harmonia Mundi Records

© Institut du Monde Arabe

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Running time is 2 minutes and 50 seconds

This song is part of a nuba recorded in concert at the Institut du Monde Arabe in December 1996, by the Al-Djazaïriya al Mossiliya Association, a traditional orchestra dedicated to the preservation of Andalusian music. This genre, sometimes known as ala, gharnati, or malouf, is one of the more widely esteemed traditions in the Classical music of the Arab world. Scholars have traced this tradition back to the Umayyad era in Spain, yet it remains a popular genre even today. The Al-Djazaïriya al Mossiliya Association was founded in 1932 and named after a family of Iraqi musicians who gained fame during the Abbassid Era. The title of this song is a good indication to what it is about, a song of romantic obsession. The various parts of a nuba might be considered analogous to the movements of a symphony, in that one follows seamlessly into another. Though this piece is presented in isolation, it is, in fact, part of a longer work. For more on this musical genre, see this clip of a performance by an Andalusian orchestra from Morocco, the article on Tunisian maluf. Listen, as well, to the interview with the virtuoso lutist and composer Simon Shaheen conducted by Barbara Nimri Aziz, for much about this and other forms of Arabic Classical music.

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