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Popular Culture and the Performing Arts

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A website for K-12 educators featuring innovative resource on the culture, geography, history and religions of the Middle East, including essays, classroom activities, downloadable multimedia content and interactive Google Earth tours.


This section contains video and audio materials, most of which have not appeared online before. While we have made an effort to keep the file sizes and running times small, some of the clips may take a long time to download, particularly from a dialup connection. Each clip comes with a text description, and many of the interviews have been transcribed. To view clips on our site, you will need the free QuickTime plugin

Collections of related audio and video materials are listed in tan. Items listed in grey are in the process of being digitized, and will be available soon.

QuickTime Audio and Video Clips

Music | Film | Dance | Theater

Video clips from some of the more important films in Arab cinema.

A Sampler of Cinema from the Arab World
This section contains short clips from some of the most acclaimed recent films from the region. Click on the titles below for more information.

Youssef Chahine
Youssef Chahine bears special attention when one discusses Filmmaking in the Arab world. With more than 40 films to his name, this Egyptian director is arguably the most important film director in Arab cinema. Born in Alexandria in 1926, the genre's explored by Chahine have ranged from social realism to autobiographical fantasy, from historical epics to musicals. In this section you will find some of his most important films. Though Chahine is still active in the film industry today, these films are from the period from 1958 (Cairo Station) to 1973 (The Sparrow).

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