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Sherman Jackson-Part One

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Professor Jackson begins the interview by talking about the historical processes by which Islam emerged into the world, beginning with a brief history of the prophet Muhammad and the receipt of the divine revelations when he was 40 years old. Jackson classifies the revelations into three main themes: the first the unity of God and the fact that there is no god but God and that this entity, alone, is the source of all creation; the second being that God is communicates with his creations through the vehicle of prophecy and that Muhammad was God’s messenger; the third being that earthly existence will be followed by another existence that will be the manifestation of how we lived our lives on earth. He explains how the message of the prophet was not accepted by many in his hometown of Mecca. Thus the prophet was forced to immigrate to the town of Medina. It was here that the Islamic community was first formed. It was from there that it spread into the world.

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