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New Media

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This section contains video and audio materials, most of which have not appeared online before. While we have made an effort to keep the file sizes and running times small, some of the clips may take a long time to download, particularly from a dialup connection. Each clip comes with a text description, and many of the interviews have been transcribed. To view clips on our site, you will need the free QuickTime plugin

Collections of related audio and video materials are listed in tan. Items listed in grey are in the process of being digitized, and will be available soon.

QuickTime Audio and Video Clips

Interview with Douglas Davis on New Media in Morocco
Douglas Davis, Professor of Psychology at Haverford College in Pennsylvania and Director of the NITLE Al Musharaka Collaborative has done extensive research on both adolescence and cyber culture in Morocco and elsewhere. In this interview he discusses the topic of "New Media in Morocco" tracing its development from radio in the 1970s to satellite broadcasts and the Internet in more recent decades. Davis pay particular attention to the effects on a cultural and psychological level, especially in terms of youth culture.

Jawad Abbassi on New Media in the Arab World [Video Clip: 14.5 M]
In this interview Jawad Abbassi, founder and President of the Arab Advisors Group (AAG), surveys the state of new media in the Arab World today. This company is an research and consultancy firm based in Amman   more...

Coffee, Tea and Interactive TV [Video Clip: 2.7 M]
This video, shot by a tourist, makes a dramatic point about the new media revolution and its relations to tradition. Madaba is an ancient city famous for its mosaics dating back to the sixth century, but the site is believed to have been inhabited for   more...

Religious Programming on Al Jazeera [Video Clip: 3.5 M]
This clip is from a 52 minute documentary examining the impact of the Al Jazeera satellite news channel in the Arab world and beyond. The station has generated   more...

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