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The Arab Culture and Civilization website was originally sponsored by the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE) as a collaborative effort between many scholars, technologists, and institutions, with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. When funding was no longer available, the site was mothballed and no new content has been added to the site since 2007.

The Middle East Policy Council has agreed to assume management of the Arab Culture and Civilization site and to keep the excellent resources it contains available to the extent that copyright permissions for the material can be obtained. The site will remain in its current format for the near future, while, at the same time, much of it will be migrated into an updated format on MEPC's K-12 educational website,

This site gratefully acknowledges the contributions and guidance of the following:

Editor, 2002-2005

  • Michael Toler, Binghamton University

Technical Editor/Programmer, 2002-2005

  • Aaron Coburn, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education


  • Patricia Crone, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Mahmoud Al-Batal, Emory University

Content Consultants

  • Rachid Aadnani, Wellesley College
  • William Cleveland, Simon Fraser University (BC, Canada)
  • Azzedine Layachi, St. John's College
  • Tracia Leacock-Seghatolislami, Binghamton University
  • Louise Marlow, Wellesley College
  • Jonathan Rogers, University of Michigan
  • Sharon C. Smith, Binghamton University

Site Designer

  • Maciej Ceglowski, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education


  • Khaled Al-Saai, University of Michigan

Institutional assistance

  • The Arab American Institute
  • The Radius of Arab-American Writers (RAWI)
  • Thor Kuniholm, the Tangier American Legation Museum in Tangier, Morocco

Digitization, Transcription, and Proofreading

  • Kirstie Baker, Center for Educational Technology
  • Steven Berbeco, Independent Scholar
  • Rachel Cotton, Middlebury College
  • Alberto dela Cruz, Babson College
  • Barbara Dunham, Wellesley Colege
  • Bret Olsen, Center for Educational Technology
  • Sue Phillip, Center for Educational Technology
  • Will Gross, Center for Educational Technology

Administration and Coordination

  • Bryan Alexander, Center for Educational Technology
  • Marsha DeBonis, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education
  • Amy McGill, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education

Content Editors, 2001-2002

  • Nabil Abdelfattah, Western Michigan University
  • Michael Toler, Binghamton University

Special thanks to Michael Toler for his excellent, diligent work in developing content for the launching of the site in September, 2002, and for his continuing work over the past year. His organization of diverse materials, scholars, disciplines, and areas has been both indispensable and exemplary.

We would like to express our thanks to the following organizations who contributed materials to this site:

  • Al-Jadid
  • Amadeus Press (an imprint of Timber Press, Inc.)
  • American University in Cairo Press
  • The Arab American Institute (AAIUSA)
  • Arab Film Distribution
  • ARAMCO World
  • Brookings Press
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Capitol Entertainment
  • Columbia University Press
  • First Run / Icarus Films
  • Frank Cass Publishers
  • Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • I. B. Tauris
  • Indiana University Press
  • The International Council for Women in the Arts
  • Jewish Publications Society
  • Journal of North African Studies
  • Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc.
  • Marsa Editions
  • McGraw-Hill Publishers
  • Menas Press
  • Middle East Report ( MERIP )
  • Northwestern University Press
  • Ohio University Press
  • Oxford University Press
  • Pearson Education
  • Radio Tahrir
  • Ruminator Press
  • Saqi Books
  • Syracuse University Press
  • Temple University Press
  • Thames and Hudson Ltd., London
  • Three Continents Press
  • University of California Press
  • University of Texas Press
  • White Cloud Press
  • Yale University Press
  • Zed Books, Ltd.


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